Rosebud (Buddy) is our Blue and Gold Macaw, she is 31 years old and has lived with us 29 years now. Nine years ago she had Zinc poising from the welds in her cage, it took 6 months of treatments to clear that up and a new cage. Once she was clear of that she was healthy enough to ovulate, but because one of her air sacks was in the wrong location her eggs (3) could not drop and she developed egg yoke peritonitis, before surgery she had many strokes. The outcome was she was partially paralyzed in the body, legs, and vent. She could not stand, walk, or poop. It took remaking her cage, stand and lots of physical therapy and medication. With years of treatment and work she can walk, not well but moves about and stands, she plays, talks, and has a good life; is healthy until now. She has bowed hips and legs because of years of not standing up straight due to the strokes. She also is unable to raise her legs up enough to clean her nose, so we do a rinse with saline to keep it clear. And she can not poop. Two or three time a day we express her (poop her), it takes both of us to do this. Everyday for eight years we have kept her going and never a regret, but lots of bills, and she keeps us going too. We love her dearly, we are a flock of three.  
Last Saturday we drove Rosebud (Buddy) to UC Davis Veterinary hospital. She had been having breathing problems, lost appetite and became suddenly listless. They put her in the oxygen, cage and would not do an exam until she had stabilized some.  X-rays and lab work and 30 hours latter they allowed her to come home. She has an infection and some fungal, inflammation and a soft tissue growth in an air sack in her nasal passage. It looks like it hasn’t involved the bones in her face, so it might be something medication could clear up. So we have prescriptions, nose drops and have returned to hand feeding her medications. She is feeling better and breathing easer, but still has some problems. Last weekend was $800.00 for her care, Dr. Miranda Sadar worked to help hold down the cost. We need to take Rosebud back for a CT scan and more tests to see if the infection and mass has changed any; this is estimated at $800 to $1,2000.  If they decide to remove the mass, it will be very costly.  They would like to see Rosebud in a couple of weeks giving the medication time to work, and us time to raise the money.
I’m having a sale on my baskets to help raise some money, at the Books and Beyond in Chester, CA. Plumas Arts Capital Arts Center in Quincy CA and on 20% off.  If you want anything at the sale price on Etsy you must e-mail me first so I can change the price for you. If anyone wants to donate to her care they can make a donation using the name
 Rosebud Norton, owner Greg Norton by calling UC Davis Veterinary School at
(530) 752-1393
or by internet:

  This link is a bit harder to use but, you need to be sure to let them know it’s for Rosebud Norton’s care a Blue and Gold Macaw owner Greg Norton in the comment window. Using the check box under In Memory of Or Animal If you make a donation and let me know and I’ll make you a custom basket for you by Christmas. Thanks for your help and thoughts, wish us luck! Debbie and Greg Norton